5 - Matt Archibald Is A Fun Guy

That picture above is of my friend Arch (Matt Archibald) at the Arch in St. Louis. As you can probably tell, he's great. The pun wasn't lost on him that day.

He and I are part of a group that shares common characteristics. Those traits - we're always laughing, little things don't bother us, etc. - are what make us friends. No one embodies the "Fun Guy Spirit" more than Arch. He works as a video producer (while wearing many other hats) for the University of Oklahoma's athletic department, and when the Sooners came to Columbus for March Madness, we chatted in the stands before he went down to the sidelines.

He talked about what it's like to have an audience for his work and how he's finding work/life balance. It's a great conversation, so I got out of the way and let it breathe.

Arch - as he's wont to do - has started a quintessential Fun Guy venture. He's started a Tumblr where he's writing about the new things he's doing in 2015 - 52 new things in 52 weeks. It's a perfect idea, and I can't wait to see what he does next.

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