3 - Lindsay Ratowsky Is A Creative, Coffee-Drinking Conversationalist

I've already mentioned her a few times, so it's about time I talked to Lindsay Ratowsky. The Californian turned New Yorker is the creator of Fifty Coffees, the site that sparked the idea for this podcast. Her site - where she interviews the creatives in her life and blogs about who they are and what she learns from them - was named one of the best 35 personal portfolios on the web.

Aside from her site, Lindsay and I talked about her amateur photography, about having intimate conversations with friends in public places, and about what she's working on now (it's the coolest story about how far a good conversation can go).

Oh, also: I'm calling this episode "2.5" only because in between the hefty in-person interviews, which I can turn into longer shows, I'm going to include shorter episodes like this one. Turns out I like to talk to people. Who knew? So, more of these are coming in the near future. The minis might just be set in karaoke bars or basketball arenas, too. 

The show is available everywhere. No joke! Stitcher, iTunes, Overcast, Soundcloud, TuneIn...I just put it all over. And! If you could give the show a quick rating on iTunes, I would really appreciate it! Thanks so much for listening.

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