Medical Stomach Weed! Acceptable Cookie Flavors! - Episode #01

In the first episode of IBSIBS, a show about food and food news, the sibs introduce the podcast, and then we read a news story in which an anonymous man shares his stomach grief with the world and asks for marijuana to help. Then we roooooast Nabisco for thinking too hard about their Oreos (5:50), read a sassy review of a fancy restaurant (7:49), and share our favorite recent food experiences (what UP, Savannah, GA) (12:54). 

IBSIBS is a podcast from Grant and Nicole Burkhardt, foodies who share a bad batch of stomach DNA that blessed them both with similarly weak digestive systems. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, Overcast, and wherever you get your shows.

Our logo was created by Nicole Burkhardt; our music was produced by the great Otis Macdonald.

Happy eating! And happy after-eating activities!